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We can help you quit smoking!

Quitting smoking might be the hardest thing you ever do, but very few things have as many positive results in pulmonary and cardiac health as successful smoking cessation. We know you know how bad it is for you—and we know it’s hard to quit on your own. That’s why we’ve designed a program to help you break the habit. Think of the good health you’ll have, and the money you’ll save! Fill out our registration form to get on the road to a smoke-free life.

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Enjoy the financial benefits of quitting today

We’re proud of the many success stories of our former smokers, and we’re thrilled that we’ve played a part in helping them take ownership of their lives. Smoking not only causes heart and lung diseases; it can be a financial problem too. An individual who pays $7 a pack and smokes 10 cigarettes a day spends around $1,200 a year on the habit. Come see us—we’d love to help you set yourself free.

How our smoking cessation class works

Our smoking cessation program is free with Louisiana’s Trust participation. Our medical professionals educate you on the health risks of smoking and provide common-sense plans and tips to help you beat the habit. The program runs for seven to eight weeks, and when you enroll, we enter you into the Louisiana Trust system. The Trust does have a few requirements: You must have smoked since 1988, and you must attend the entire program to qualify. After successfully completing the program, you will enjoy so many benefits—you’ll be less likely to develop smoking-related cancers and severe heart disease, and you’ll have money to spend on other things that you used to spend on cigarettes. One great benefit will be the ability to breathe and exercise more easily, but the greatest benefit will be the lifelong sense of achievement you’ll gain from quitting.

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