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Superior heart health is just a phone call away

Your journey to a healthier heart begins at Touro Heart Care—our cardiologists are the most respected specialists in the field, and they stand ready to help you address any heart conditions you may be experiencing. We provide everything from emergency surgery and non-surgical treatments to post-surgical rehabilitation, all conveniently located in our Uptown New Orleans hospital.

We’ve got a wide range of services for your heart

One of the region’s most respected heart hospitals, Touro Heart Care provides complete cardiology services for a broad range of conditions—and our services are centered around each patient’s specific needs. Our services include diagnosis, treatment, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, and inpatient care.


Using diagnostic tools is the first step to forming a treatment plan. We use EKGs and other medical technology to diagnose our patients. Only after we have utilized these tools can we move on to the next step.
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We do not push invasive surgery on our patients unless their condition requires it. In addition to operations such as bypasses, we also utilize ablation, stenting, pacemakers, and cardiac defibrillators to treat our patients.

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Cardiac Rehabilitation

A heart attack wreaks havoc on the human body – especially a severe one. If we have to perform a bypass, you will feel the surgery's effects for some time. We help you build your body and heart back up and give you the tools for more vigorous heart health.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

You will engage in a 12-week exercise-based program with respiratory therapists and exercise specialists. During these sessions, you re-learn how to take care of your body's health, and we monitor your vital signs for signs of recovery.

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Inpatient Care

We are a full-scale heart hospital. Our size means we have operating rooms for surgeries and plenty of space for cardiac inpatient and intensive care units.

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Take a virtual tour of our cardiac care facilities.

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