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The benefits of cardiac rehab programs

Our program benefits patients by targeting all of the factors that cause heart disease within a patient’s control. We provide information, bolster confidence, improve heart function, and reduce the risk of future heart problems. Strong candidates for cardiac rehabilitation include those who underwent bypass or valve surgery, a heart transplant, or stent placement. If we perform angioplasty or you have stable angina or vascular disease, this is the program for you. Heart attack survivors can also benefit from the program.

Virtual tour of cardiac rehabilitation center

Click and drag your mouse to see our cardiac rehabilitation center.

Our three-phase cardiovascular rehab program

At Touro Heart Care, we improve our patients’ lives by implementing three outpatient rehabilitation phases. Our three-part program has two goals: education and maintenance. Our experienced cardiovascular nurses, therapists, and exercise specialists help patients from all walks of life change their habits and give them the tools to maintain those positive changes. Our program has helped countless individuals suffering from heart disease regain control over their condition and live long and healthy lives.

How does the program work?

Phase I cardiac rehab

Inpatient program for patients where they engage in monitored low-level exercise and receive patient education.

Phase II cardiac rehab

Our 12-week program includes healthy exercise and education supervised by cardiovascular nurses and an exercise specialist. During this phase, we interview you and plan an individualized exercise regimen based on your physical abilities. You will attend three sessions a week, during which we monitor your heart rhythms, blood pressure, and exertion levels. The phase also includes courses in stress management, nutrition, smoking cessation, and more.

Phase III cardiac rehab

Implementing new, healthy habits is only half the battle. You have to carry them forward through the rest of your life. We give you the tools to do so. During phase III, we devise a maintenance program that will ensure the nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes continue. One of the ways we do so is by monitoring your vitals during your exercise program and performing regular health check-ins.

Exercise is a key component during rehab

Touro Heart Care uses a carefully regimented exercise program to help patients recover from cardiac events. It will lower blood pressure, increase strength, relieve stress, and help control weight. Most importantly, exercise significantly reduces the likelihood of future heart problems and hospital stays. We begin supervising the program in the hospital by explaining the program in full. At first, we start with light exercise, designed to begin regaining basic strength. From there, our program shifts to another facility where we focus on strength, flexibility, and endurance. But the program also occurs at home. We provide our patients with clear guidelines designed to keep them on track. Our exercise program includes aerobics, as well as others.

Our progressive and effective cardiac rehab program

Cardiac rehabilitation occurs in inpatient and outpatient care. For instance, we begin patients on their light exercise plan within two days after receiving our provider’s approval, depending on the procedure type. After leaving the hospital, we’ll enact the supervised rehab program. We provide our patients with contact information for a rehabilitation specialist. The program is an escalating one. This means the exercises will grow more strenuous as your strength, flexibility, and endurance grow.

How can cardiac rehabilitation help?

Rehabilitation is a crucial part of any procedure. It isn’t separate, and the program isn’t an afterthought. Instead, it is carefully integrated into various procedures and treats numerous conditions. For instance, rehab will help treat stable angina, encourage recovery from a heart attack, and set patients on a path toward better heart health overall. Rehabilitation follows procedures such as coronary artery bypass grafting, heart valve repair, heart and heart-lung transplants, and angioplasties. The program includes a team of specialists, primary care providers, cardiac nurses, nutritionists, and much more.

Cardiac rehab programs for better heart health

Cardiac rehabilitation helps patients who have cardiovascular disease or those at high risk of developing one. We designed our programs to help individuals reach and maintain a high level of health by utilizing lifestyle changes and exercise. Heart disease’s life-altering nature doesn’t have to be negative. Sometimes, the required modifications are positive and reaffirming. Touro Heart Care‘s cardiac rehab programs help patients take control of their conditions and live a healthy life.

Get in touch! We’re ready to help you reclaim your heart health.