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Trust our team to perform your cardiac surgery

Once they’ve diagnosed a heart problem, our seasoned cardiologists begin devising a treatment plan. While we prefer non-invasive procedures just as much as you do, we know that surgery is sometimes the best option for avoiding a fatal heart attack or more advanced heart disease. Our staff includes experienced and skilled cardiac surgeons, and they use both coronary artery bypass grafting and coronary bypass surgery to help our patients get back to good health.

doctor with patient

We provide the treatment that’s best for you

Our Touro Heart Care physicians have an arsenal of tools for combatting your heart disease.

Surgical procedures we offer

  • Aortic valve replacement
  • Aortic valve repair(aortic valvuloplasty)
  • Mitral Valve replacement
  • Mitral valve repair (mitral valvuloplasty)
  • Tricuspid valve replacement
  • Tricuspid valve repair (tricuspid valvuloplasty)
  • Pulmonary valve replacement
  • Pulmonary valve repair (pulmonary valvuloplasty)
  • Coronary artery bypass grafting including high-risk and off-pump “beating heart”
  • Surgical treatment for atrial fibrillation (MAZE, modified MAZE, left atrial appendage isolation)
  • Epicardial lead placement
  • Aortoplasty including complex aortoplasty
  • Ascending aortic aneurysm repair, with and without aortic valve replacement
  • Aortic root aneurysm repair, graft placement
  • Complex ascending aortic repair, graft placement
Other structural
  • Septal myectomy
  • Pericardial window
  • Cardiac tumor resection
  • ASD, PFO, VSD closure

Get in touch! We’re ready to help you reclaim your heart health.